major crimes is my favorite show on tv right now bye

i tried carrying the weight of the world
but i only have two hands

srs q: 

how does brain, the smartest kid in the world, think that mr. ratburn’s nose is a shark? in an enclosed pool??????????????

thank god muffy’s there to keep him in his place

Could there be an Ugly Betty film?


All of the incredibles represent a disorder:
Violet - anxiety
Dash - ADHD
Mr Incredible - too strong
Mother Incredible - ???
Baby - exploding child

Deleted scene from Memento Mori [originally found by]

Season 2 cast promotional photos

Fight the Future gag reel (x)


nice try nerd but youre not going anywhere

@stephbeatz: In the make up trailer, Andre reads his scripts aloud before he gets made up. It’s very soothing. He reads all the roles. #bts #rosasecretsbrooklyn99 #brooklyn99 (x)

is gone girl an appropriate read for someone who scares easy and is currently living in a less-than-nice hotel in west virginia?

this is a really dumb photo, obviously, but how much do you wanna bet that michelle owns at least one pair of those shoes behind her now?